Sponsor Benefits

Looking for excellent exposure in the industry Showcase your organization to key industry leaders in ground control in mining. Network with hundreds of attendees from around the world by sponsoring one or more of our unique “event” sponsorships. 

Here are some reasons why leveraging our sponsorships will help elevate your brand, both before, during and after the conference itself:

  • Reach Influential Decision Makers
    The 2019 International Conference on Ground Control in Mining brings in a number of top-level decision makers. Don't miss this opportunity to put your brand in front of the movers and shakers of the industry.
  • Be a Part of a Growing Conference
    Surrounded by industry thought leaders, decision makers and qualified professionals, this is the industry conference that will help your organization stand out and make an impact to those in ground control mining.
  • Effectively Position Your Products, Services and Brand for Large-Scale Awareness
    As a partner and participant of the conference sponsorship program, you are certain to be top-of-mind when most industry executives are assessing products and services.
  • Differentiate Your Brand from the Competition
    With facilitated networking and focused interaction, a customized sponsorship will deliver the "face time" needed to ensure your company makes the short list and solidifies long term relationships.
  • A Proven Commodity for Our Loyal Customers
    See for yourself why 80% of SME's partners return annually to support our events. SME's reputation has been firmly built on a foundation of consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of our sponsors and exhibitors. This has been achieved by engaging with our partners for a deeper understanding of their unique needs and developing inventive campaigns through our events.

Protected Market Share for Sponsors
SME is devoted to ensuring a solid ratio of buyers for our confirmed partners. By limiting the number of sponsors to our programs, the integrity of their campaigns is assured.